Literature is most successful when it is dealing with the big issues of the world. Literature is the most successful when dealing with the most significant issues of the time. Literature can be a representation the views on issues throughout the world. Because literature is where opinions are formed by dealing with the big issues […]

Do you feel you are being watched? George Orwell predicted it in 1949 with his novel 1984, where Orwell reaches through the decades grabs us by the neck and tells us that mass surveillance in 1984 is what will become of future societies. Nineteen Eighty-Four shows the worries of the future of the time period. […]

Harrison Grant, gazed at the distant ceiling barred by white light that shone on his strong, confident face from slender floor to ceiling windows flanking the walls. He sunk into a huge bed dwarfed by the size of the grand cream walls contrasting the empty blue sky. He leisurely paced to the to the glass […]

corruption choice of people manipulation of language use of technology surveillance linking language, agree that two texts agree on the issue start with the best text that agrees the most how the issue is presented and what the outcome is do not summarize the plot introduce the text expand on how the connecting idea features […]

Dystopian texts are united by many common features. One of these features is the invasion of privacy. Invasion of privacy is an overt strategy of showing the misuse of power by placing the controlling powers of the dystopia in secret areas of people’s lives. One of the most extreme forms of the invasion of privacy […]

Nineteen Eighty-four A Clockwork Orange Minority report surveillance the police are corrupt eye scanners brain washing 2+2=5 minitrue   mind control in prison cannot do bad people are too scared to think about murder manipulation of language Newspeak Russian slang not much corruption O’Brian Dim, the Writer, the parole officer, Alex Lamar What are the […]

text which deserve our attention are one that challenge our thinking a text that deserves our attention is Minority Report directed by Steven Spielberg because it challenges our thinking because of the the similarities that to the real world in the loss of privacy by the use of technology. As well as a perfect system […]

Audio Causally speaking officers using technology the spiders are loud when dropped they can talk to the entire complex when adressing the children are upset tense music as they get closer screeching from the spiders the sound of the spiders get louder the music uses strings to emulate the screeching of the spiders the officers […]

Private Schools = If you spend $50,000 a year on something that is free you have to be planning for the future. Donald Trump = a Successful businessman people voted for him distance from society rich people don’t steal money. they have enough China growing rapidly and developing while the politicians are the richest in […]

1 Money is bad .inflation .governmental control .exchange rates .stock markets 2 Libertarian society will not work .people will take advantage of others .crime .people will not care for the long term 3 Satire on the super rich why they should be in control .Chinese politicians are rich and China is successful .Donald Trump is […]