4th September 2017

Minority report


Causally speaking officers
using technology
the spiders are loud when dropped
they can talk to the entire complex when adressing
the children are upset
tense music as they get closer
screeching from the spiders
the sound of the spiders get louder
the music uses strings to emulate the screeching of the spiders
the officers can enter any apartment even if there is no one there
he is in silence when hiding in the bath
if you don’t want your kids to know terror keep them away from me
afterwards the music becomes quitet

fancy entrance way
the officers are dressed in black in a white building
the building has been refurbished like a shanty town
warm bodies
the only bright things are the adds
the spiders are hated
the apartments are damaged
the people are seen in there most private moments
people are not happy ;sad angry distressed
John is blind but is making the others blind as well
all the officers see is tablet and not images
the spiders act like real spiders in the way they move and act
the timer represents the pressure
“In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king” from previous scene is referencing this as he shows one eye to scan.

low camera angles on the officers
they are taller than everyone else
birds eye view on the apartments that show them being able to see into anyone’s home
the birds eye view looks down on the apartments as some distressed children are scanned John is trying to block the door the camera moves through the building watching peoples most private moments. some people having sex, people arguing and a man on the toilet. The state is now omniscient and can see anyone. that is displayed throughout the film and in this continuous shot and the menacing nature of the police is shown by the children.When the mother protests against this an officer tells he if you don’t want your kids to know terror keep them away from me.
John is blind without technology from the police

looking down on John when he tries to stop the spiders from getting into the apartment to show his loss of power and control
over exposed
blurred images

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