Private Schools = If you spend $50,000 a year on something that is free you have to be planning for the future.
Donald Trump = a Successful businessman people voted for him
distance from society
rich people don’t steal money. they have enough
China growing rapidly and developing while the politicians are the richest in the world.
Kings and Queens of history

The one percent are the most successful people in the world.
Money is a representation of work, so the people with the most money are the hardest workers.
This is why the wealthiest people will always be the best politicians.

They are the most qualified leaders, Because they can manage businesses that support and care for thousands of people; For example Micheal Bloomberg The founder of his own news and IT company became the mayor of New York. Obviously because he is the best representative for the entire city.

Wealthy people are the best at managing money to make a country profitable. In the United States the country shut down for a day when it ran out of money while Obama was in power.
So they need a business leader, someone who can save the United States from bankruptcy.
This would not happen if Obama was an entrepreneur.

The rich are the best qualified for politics because of their education if they come from a wealthy family they will be enrolled in the best schools in the world.instead of going to a public school.
Le Rosey in Switzerland the most expensive school in the world. It costs One hundred and fifty five thousand New Zealand dollars a year. From primary to high school this is a two million dollar education
For that the students it is compulsory to learn four languages and an instrument. They have state of the art facilities for learning and living to give them the best qualifications for politics.
30% of the leavers have gone to the best Universities in the world. and since their parents are paying they are not held back by a student loan.
This means these people have been distanced from society so they can have an overview of the entire population and make the best choices. The very best choices.

The wealthiest people are the most responsible people.
They are responsible for the poorest members of our population they are responsible for supporting government though taxes and donations and many are involved in politics already through lobbyists.

Think about the success of China’s government they have the richest parliament in the world.
China’s economy is growing the fastest in the world because the politicians are being chosen by their skills. not by how much the masses like them.
Since the Communist party of China is in complete control they can use these people to run the country more efficiently, like a business.

Another issue in politics is the widespread corruption that occurs throughout governments. This will be stopped if the super rich are in control because they have enough money and won’t be swayed by bribes or business interests that will damage the country.

It has been proven over history that the best leaders are the richest. think about the kings and queens of history there has always been the most affluent people in charge. during the golden age of the British Empire some of the most luxurious and grand buildings were built thanks to the state run East India company and it’s trade around the globe..

Everybody today wants the world to go back to the way it was.
The United States of America realized this and voted for the successful billionaire Donald Trump who is an experienced entrepreneur and a newcomer to politics. according to Forbes magazine he is worth 3.7 billion dollars that is including the value of his “brand” that from some sources is worth up to two billion dollars. Two billion dollars for his name alone.
He has already improved international relations with other global superpowers including Russia.
He has saved American exports by disbanding the trans pacific partnership.
He has saved entire industries like coal and oil throughout the united states by exiting the Paris agreement
and has allowed everybody to express their free speech including the protesters that occupied JFK Airport against his Muslim ban and the “free speech rallies that recently occurred in Charlottesville.

So in conclusion the perfect; Prime minister, president or Chancellor is some one who is super rich because they have the necessary skills of management, economic foresight and knowledge of the people they are governing.

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  1. This topic would allow for some interestingly nuanced fallacies where you explore things like false cause and specious logic, like the idea that if a person is successful in one area (even without any apparent skill or talent) then they will inevitably be successful elsewhere. The idea that success is an ‘attitude’ etc


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