16th October 2017



choice of people

manipulation of language

use of technology


linking language, agree that two texts agree on the issue

start with the best text that agrees the most

how the issue is presented and what the outcome is

do not summarize the plot

introduce the text

expand on how the connecting idea features were developed by the text

quoted examples

Identify Genre Dystopia

Nineteen-Eighty Four

The inner party/ O’Brien

Corruption is a common theme throughout most texts but particularly dystopian texts

The invasion of privacy within peoples minds.


Nineteen-Eighty Four

Thought-crime, telescreens , thought police, Mr Charrington, manipulation of thoughts 2+2=5, room 101 dehumanization of the proles and party members, limiting what people think newspeak “How can you have a slogan like “freedom is slavery” when the concept of freedom is abolished?”-Syme .

A Clockwork orange – Aversion therapy pg75, manipulation of thoughts ,  dehumanization through Alex prison( prisoner 6655321

minority report – pre-crime, controlling the population, controlling the pre-cogs ,dehumanization of the precogs, Manipulation of people by advertising.9




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