26th September 2017

Significant connections planning

Nineteen Eighty-four A Clockwork Orange Minority report
surveillance the police are corrupt eye scanners
brain washing 2+2=5 minitrue


mind control in prison cannot do bad people are too scared to think about murder
manipulation of language Newspeak Russian slang not much


Dim, the Writer, the parole officer, Alex Lamar

What are the books?
The ideas
The examples
The meaning and setting

The first idea
Morality how you feel
The idea of the idea
The texts are around the Idea
Don’t tell them the plot summary
The invasion of privacy?

Say the idea
ways of how people think of the idea
The meaning of the texts eg. Ideas of invasion of privacy.

Ideas across texts
Minority Report
Nineteen eighty-four
A Clockwork Orange

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