9th August 2017

speech planning

1 Money is bad
.governmental control
.exchange rates
.stock markets
2 Libertarian society will not work
.people will take advantage of others
.people will not care for the long term

3 Satire on the super rich why they should be in control
.Chinese politicians are rich and China is successful
.Donald Trump is popular
.Rich people are intelligent, private schools
.they are (not) connected with society
4 Countries should not have armies
.stops war
5 only New Zealanders should by land in NZ
.Satiric racism
.money going overseas
.land prices
.land banking
.not caring for the environment
6 Religion is bad
.conning money from people
.Theocratic rule
.oppression of religious minorities
.halts the progress of science.
7 Having kids today is a bad idea
.climate change
. loss of time and money

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