7th August 2017


Our obligation in life is to make the use of all our resources at our disposal, the consequences are not our problem.

The world is yours!

We should use it to our advantage. Imagine what we could do using the entire world’s resources to our advantage we would all be millionaires

the value of the earth is estimated five quadrillion united states dollars. That’s more money than has ever existed.

We have the ability to use the entire world to our advantage. We can use the recent advancements in technology to build a prosperous society from what the earth has.

Imagine having all the gold, diamonds and gems in the earth’s core that are just sitting there doing nothing.
Imagine building skyscrapers the size of continents and powering them with the Oil and coal left for us.

Not using these resources are a loss to all of us. But some people say we need to preserve the world. Why? The world is crumbling and we are witnessing it. companies mining oil fracking and destroying forests that are leading to our extinction and due to mankind’s unmatched determination and stubbornness we can’t stop it. So we might as well join them.

This is already occurring throughout the word corrupt multi billion dollar companies are tearing up the world to take our resources and we need to grab our share before the well dries up and we lose everything.

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