In this latest study the MAC Hostel students have the best nutrition in all of Wanaka.

The MAC Hostel has an excellent program where students cook meals for their flat this means that students can choose the healthy and most nutritious meals for themselves.

The meals allow them to learn to cook in a safe unsupervised environment where the can learn to cook quality meals like; two minute noodles and spaghetti Bolognese.

Some meals include a chilled centre roast, flame grilled oven fries and burgers without buns.

Since students cook in their own living environment they encourage themselves to clean and care for their home.

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  1. Lachlan, this is a very good starting point for what could be a very funny satirical piece. I wonder if you might like to broaden it a bit to consider writing a faux-prospectus for the hostel, all the while underlining the presentation with irony.

    The starting point for this might be to look at what the school already writes about the hostel and then expand upon that. You’ve got the dead-pan tone right, but what may be needed is an expansion on the hyperbole side of it. Finding some culinary terms for food that is served frozen or in quick speed (like flame-grilled, which is perfect!) would also help.

    An example of this is that food served in ice is often referred to by its Italian ‘ghiaccio’



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